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Our firm's goal is to provide small businesses with legal counsel at an affordable cost. A key factor in the success of a small business is receiving proper legal assistance. Our firm offers the Small Business Package.  The Small Business Package is an inclusive package that provides legal coverage at a single low price for the duration of coverage.  

The Small Business Package includes:

•Contract Review •Small Claims Representation*
•Collections •Mediations
•Employee relations, including health insurance negotiations.

Contracts: Having a legal team review your contracts before they become binding may protect you from unintended consequences.

Small Claims Representation: For a small business, the legal fees associated with pursing or defending a claim may equal or exceed the amount of the claim itself. Often this cost is a deterrent in either collecting fees that are owed or rightly defending oneself against claimed made. The small claims coverage is a part of the small business package and goes a long way to eliminating that concern.

Collections: Collecting on debts owed can be a time consuming process. We will contact those delinquent in paying their bills and inform them of their obligation to pay these bills and the legal consequences that may follow if they fail to pay their bills.

Mediations: Contracts may stipulate that mediation or arbitration is required to resolve a dispute.

Employee Relations: Understanding employment law is important and the relationship between the employer and the employee is also important. We are here to answer any questions or concerns that a small business may have when it comes to their obligations towards their employees.

We also are available to help small businesses to understand health insurance and work with insurance providers if the small business is looking to provide health insurance to their employees.

*Does not include court cost, such as filing fees, or any additional fees to third parties