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It is important to understand that a foreclosure is not an eviction. Simply falling behind on your mortgage payments does not give the bank the automatic right to kick you out of your home and take your home away from you. If your bank is threatening foreclosure, or even if you've already had a complaint filed against you, it may not be too late to fight for your home. Many borrowers fail to realize that they can defend against foreclosure and, as a result, the devastating majority of homes are foreclosed upon without any defense from the homeowner. But you as a borrower have rights, and it is our commitment to each of our clients to competently fight for and educate our clients about those rights. With our legal assistance, you may be able to hold off the foreclosure for months or years, or even get the bank's case dismissed entirely. At all stages of the foreclosure process the Blind Ear Law Group will negotiate with, and when necessary litigate against, exploitative lenders in search of a just outcome for our clients.

The Blind Ear Law Group works as a team to ensure that our clients receive the best legal advice available to guarantee that our clients make informed decisions as it relates to their rights and obligations. Do not delay, there are crucial deadlines that must be complied with in the foreclosure process. If you are in danger of losing your home, know your rights so you don't lose them. Call us today for a free consultation and let us determine the best course of action consistent with your aims and objectives.